Multi-View Surface Reconstructions of Objects [ ICCV'03, PAMI'05 ]

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Last modification on October 9th 2003.
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About it

The algorithm input is an image sequence taken with an usual and hand held still camera, and the algorithm output is a set of textured triangles which approximate the object surface.

Very sketchly, an intermediate result is a cloud of 3D reconstructed points and the camera motion obtained by the method described in [ ECCV'02 ].
The next step is the progressive deformation of surface which approximates the set of 3D points, using sometimes 2D data in images.


Clic on the following icons to visualize a mpeg video. You can also download the resulting Vrml models and their textures. Each camera (resp. reconstructed 3D point) is represented by a black and white pyramid (resp. a textured square in the neighborhood of the point).

Bust Sequence: (26 images at 480x640)

Here are the Vrml model and its texture.

Ajay Sequence: (38 images at 480x640)

Here are the Vrml model and its texture
Thanks to Dr. Ajay for providing the input images !